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Our candidates for the municipal elections

Barthel Jacques

65 years, retired, Hellange

Member of the Committee on Budget and Finance

Treasurer of the Lions Club Mameranus (LCM)

President of the Social Committee of the LCM

Honorary member of the Luxembourg Financial Markets Association (LFMA)

Member of the CSV Frisange Committee

I campaign for:

  • a sound and creative financial policy
  • an infrastructure and mobility policy
  • digitization initiatives for all generations

Courtois Claude

49 years, municipal councillor, computer scientist at the Ministry of Finance, Frisange

Member of the Equal Opportunities Commission

Secretary of the CSV Frisange

Member of the APEF (Association des parents d’élèves Frisange) committee

I campaign for:

  • a policy of proximity with the participation of the inhabitants
  • a better quality of life in the community
  • a dynamic and digitalized administration

Hoffmann Georges

39 years, municipal councillor, teacher, Aspelt

Member of the Buildings Commission

Member of School Commission

President of CSV Frisange

Member of the CSV National Council

Member of the CSV South Committee

I campaign for:

  • an equitable school and youth policy
  • promoting the importance of sport at the local level
  • promoting culture and history in our community

Jacoby Marc

46 years, municipal councillor, environmental engineer/consultant, Frisange

Head of the ecological service of the municipality of Kayl/Tétange

Member of the Klimateam Committee

Member of the Environment and Forestry Commission

Member of the CSV Frisange Committee

I campaign for:

  • a policy of sustainability, environment and nature protection
  • housing and mobility
  • energy saving and municipal infrastructure

Kalmes ép. Thinnes Karin

62 years, retired, Frisange

Ancienne personne administrative dans un cabinet vétérinaire

Collaboratrice de la commune de Roeser

Member of the CSV Frisange Committee

I campaign for:

  • a social and just youth policy
  • an appropriate traffic policy
  • an interesting and varied range of leisure activities for residents

Krier Géraldine

43 years, teacher, Frisange

Secretary of the school committee of Schifflange

Member of different working groups at school

Member of the School Safety Project

Member of the CSV Frisange Committe

I campaign for:

  • a safe and fair school
  • equal opportunities for all
  • interesting cultural activities for all generations

Meyer Luc

42 years, teacher-engineer in electrical engineering, Hellange

Member of the Sports Commission

President of the Table Tennis Hellange

Member of the CSV Frisange Committe

I campaign for:

  • better public transport and reduced traffic
  • sustainable energy over time
  • infrastructure adapted to associational and communal life

Meyer Karin

61 years, Executive Member of the Diekirch Hotel School, Aspelt

Member of the Board of Directors of:

Women in Distress;


Foundation fir ons Kanner.

Treasurer of the CSV City of Luxembourg

I campaign for:

  • more women in municipal politics
  • good support facilities for children outside school time
  • a pleasant town to live in

Pescarolo Othello

65 years, retired, Aspelt

Member of the Sports Commission

Member of the Commission for the Elderly

Treasurer of CSV Frisange

I campaign for:

  • sports clubs in the municipality
  • a social environment and assisted living
  • a retirement home and multi-generational shared housing

Schuman ép. Degrott Pascale

63 years, independent trainer, Frisange

Member of the CSV Frisange Committee

Corporate Secretary of InterFormation

Vice-President of VC Endurance Leudelange

I campaign for:

  • increased involvement of residents in communal life
  • creative initiatives for social and community life
  • an active and equitable integration policy

Weimerskirch Michel

39 years, Web developer, digitalization expert, Digitaliséierungs-Expert, Aspelt

Creator of

Member of the Youth Commission

Member of the CSV Frisange Committee

I campaign for:

  • more family-friendly infrastructure and other  offerings

  • attractive soft mobility in and around the municipality

  • expanding the municipality’s digital infrastructure


Electoral program