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Saving Energy – Not a priority for our municipality

In the context of the energy crisis, the CSV asked the Council of Eldermen at the municipal council meeting on September 28, 2022, what measures the Frisange municipality would take to save energy. We were told that this was not a priority.

We could not leave this statement as it was and therefore submitted a motion at the municipal council on October 26, 2022. Here we proposed specific measures to save energy, such as:

  • Heating municipal infrastructures only up to a maximum of 20°C and adjusting the heating times;
  • Reducing lighting in public buildings and street lighting;
  • Launching a sensitization campaign for municipal staff, associations, and schools on how to save energy.

Our motion was not taken up with the argument that the municipality had already done a lot and would therefore not take any additional measures. Saving energy and setting a good example are not priorities of the current majority, even though there are still enough opportunities to save energy in our municipality.

We pointed out these issues, but unfortunately without success.

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